Modern 4-star hotel close to Edgware Road tube station

This modern 4-star hotel is situated close to Edgware Road tube station, just a 15 minute walk from popular attractions such as Hyde Park and Madame Tussauds. Its facilities include a lounge serving coffee and pastries and guests can enjoy free wifi. The smart, air-conditioned rooms feature flat-screen TVs and private bathrooms with complimentary toiletries

Star Rating: ****
User Rating: 71 (from 1078 reviews)
Hotel ID: 2883501

Explore The Local Area:

Convenience Store:

  • Crispins Food & Wine Shop (0.3 mi, London W2 2AW)
  • Assal (0.3 mi, London W2 2AF)
  • Euro Food & Wine (0.4 mi, London W2 3PX)
  • Tulsi News (0.4 mi, London W2 1NT)
  • Marble Arch Food & Wine (0.5 mi, London W2 2HZ)

Shopping Mall:

  • Connaught Village (0.3 mi, London W2 2AA)
  • Jo & Hickey Printing supplies (0.5 mi, Winchester House, 259 Old Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 5RA)
  • Hayd park (0.6 mi, Marylebone, London W1H 7EX)
  • Debenhams (0.7 mi, London W2)

Home Improvements:

  • Trevi Interiors Ltd (0.2 mi, London W2 2AA)
  • Delyss (0.2 mi, London W2 2BB)
  • Savana Interior Design & Architecture (0.3 mi, London W2 2AF)
  • Ice Entertainments (0.4 mi, London W2 1RS)
  • Ryman Stationery Edgware Road (0.5 mi, London W2 1ET)

Shoe Store:

  • Lucy Choi London (0.3 mi, London W2 2AF)
  • Mini Wardrobe Limited (0.5 mi, London W2)
  • M&S Paddington Rail Simply Food (0.6 mi, Select Service Partner, London W2 1HA)
  • Davina (0.7 mi, London W2 1DH)
  • The Little Shoe Shop (0.8 mi, Marylebone, London W1H 1BJ)


  • Bluemoon Spy Shop (0.3 mi, London W2 3RF)
  • Nano Tech Paddington (0.4 mi, Paddington, London W2 1NT)
  • Marsden Grant International Ltd (0.5 mi, London W2 2RR)
  • K K Electronics (0.5 mi, Paddington, London W2 1EX)
  • DSE GROUP (0.6 mi, London W2 3QH)

Hotel Facilities:


Shower/tub combination